Remote Monitoring & Management

As defined by Techopedia, Remote Monitoring & Management tools are employed by IT Service Providers, VARs and IT staffs to effectively handle their client’s IT requirements.  It allows IT technicians to monitor entire networks and all disparate devices simultaneously.

This allows IT support to:

  • Observe and resolve issues before they impact the network.
  • Helps to automate scheduled maintenance.
  • Increases productivity.
  • With some issues the technician can gain direct remote control over applications operating on the system.
  • Allows for active maintenance of managing and deploying OS updates, defragmenting hard discs, and updating antivirus definitions.
  • Provides tools that will report network and hardware utilization and capacity so IT can pro-actively add services and equipment before they become a bottleneck.

This is the first step in cloud migration. Contact us for more information.